Avoid The "HVAC Companies Near Me" Trap

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The Internet has put more knowledge and power in the hands of consumers than any other time in history. You found this article because you have an HVAC-related problem you need to solve, and you turned to your search engine for insight and guidance.

You may have typed in “HVAC contractors in Massachusetts.”

Based on algorithms applying mathematical consideration to the relevance and popularity of websites with information on heating & cooling systems, the search engine returned a list of webpages that may answer your question.

The trickiest part of the “HVAC companies near me trap” is you set it yourself! Sure, location is an important criteria when deciding on a company to install and repair HVAC equipment for your home or business. But, it’s the only criteria you gave the search engine. To avoid the trap, you need to take your research to the next level.


This article gives Massachusetts homeowners and business owners specific guidance to hiring the best heating & cooling repair and service teams.

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Why does it matter if I’m in Massachusetts?

There’s only one federal requirement to legally practice as an HVAC technician. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issues a certification to HVAC technician applicants who demonstrate a standardized proficiency of handling refrigerants.

After that, each individual state regulates its own heating and cooling industry.

Here’s what Massachusetts requires:

A practicing HVAC technician in Massachusetts who shows up at your home or business to perform heating and cooling repair must hold a Massachusetts Refrigeration License. To obtain a license, the applicant must present:

• A high school diploma or equivalency (GED or proficiency exam)

• A CFC Certification from the EPA

• $75 in application and processing fees

The 3 Must-Haves From An HVAC Company

As you can see, there’s no educational requirements beyond passing a high school proficiency exam and a test on handling refrigerants. To find the best HVAC technicians to give you total indoor temp control, any time of year, you need to look for the 3 requirements every highly rated HVAC contractor shares.

1. Industry certifications & business partnerships

A heating & cooling company’s website should give you practical information about the organization, including an address, telephone number, email, and an About section. This biographical webpage is where you can get to know the company. Partnerships and industry recognition are two traits all the best HVAC service companies share.

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Some notable organizations to look for include:

  • The North American Technician Excellence (NATE): the leading non-profit HVAC certification program in the country

  • The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA): a non-profit association that develops nationwide standards for quality comfort systems, as well as provides educational opportunities and resources
    to professionals

  • The Better Business Bureau: Accredits businesses that meet advertising, selling, and customer service standards, including good-faith efforts to resolve consumer complaints

Also, look for factory certifications. These manufacturer “seals of approval” ensure the HVAC technicians have learned about installing, maintaining, and repairing the equipment right from the manufacturer. Using HVAC technicians with these certifications is a smart move to get the most out of equipment warranties.

2. Free consultations and on-site estimates

Installing a new residential or commercial HVAC system is a major project for both the customer and the HVAC company. Equipment purchases, labor management, and time all factor into a successful strategy to optimize indoor comfort and air quality. It’s worth it to a quality HVAC installer to make a free visit and accurately assess the HVAC job opportunity. Any HVAC company that tries to quote a job without an on-site meeting isn’t worth talking to.

Don’t settle for cheap HVAC installation and emergency service near Boston. Use the top-rated HVAC contractor most recommended for install, air conditioner repair, new boilers, and furnace tune-ups.

Consultations are part of the sales process so use this face-to-face meeting with a representative from the company to your advantage. The most recommended HVAC companies stay in business by taking charge of the customers’ indoor environment, which means the representative you meet with should be knowledgeable about the available equipment and the preventative maintenance plans.

On-site meetings are also an excellent time to get guidance on a project, which is a valuable way to get to know the people who will be in your home or commercial space. For example, if the representative takes a casual glace at your furnace and determines it needs to be upgraded “just to be safe,” she or he may be trying to inflate your project budget unnecessarily. If another representative suggests saving money by not expanding a central system in favor of installing a more affordable, energy-efficient ductless mini-split, he or she may be a trustworthy person to hire.

Top-rated HVAC contractors want to keep you as a long-term customer. Gouging a new customer on equipment and install charges is what cheap HVAC companies do. The HVAC companies you want help you get the best energy-efficient HVAC equipment at the most affordable prices so they can keep it running as long as possible.

Massachusetts residents should ask about the money-saving rebates available through MassSave on ENERGY STAR® HVAC equipment, as well as MassSave’s residential HEAT Loan program. In addition, many manufacturers offer their own unique deals and financing options.

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3. 5-star customer service

You’ll know the HVAC contractors who practice attentive, friendly, and helpful customer service by the way you’re treated the first time you call. The free on-site consultations you schedule are an excellent chance to get a flavor of how future customer service experiences may go.

Evaluation Questions:

  • Was your call answered or returned promptly?

  • Did your interactions with employees build trust or concern?

  • Were employees knowledgeable and helpful?

Make certain any local HVAC company in Massachusetts you use provides 24/7 emergency service. New England weather can leave residents in the cold at any time!

Ultimately, the HVAC company with the best customer service may be the one able to provide a complete, turnkey mechanicals service team that can handle your HVAC, electrical and plumbing, commercial and domestic hot water, and emergency generators.

To come full circle, ask your online social media networks for recommendations on HVAC companies near Boston. Temperature control and air quality issues must be addressed in every building, old and new, which means everyone is affected by HVAC solutions—good and bad.

Take the time to read what customers say about their experiences on such platforms as Angie’s List.

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