Client Testimonial: Tankless Hot Water In A Condominium

A new client shared a letter he wrote to his condominium community . . .

Since members of our condo community often ask about Tankless water heaters, I want to share my recent experience installing one. 

 Last month I started researching HVAC companies and Tankless (combi) units to replace our 50-gallon water heater. 

After talking with several companies, I chose Total Temperature Control of Wakefield. They sent a combination of plumbers and an electrician (4-5 people) to do the installation. Which was completed within 2 days. Their staff was professional and experienced in the Lochinvar 150 unit (made in Tennessee) they installed. The install went extremely well, and they did an excellent job coordinating the placement of the Tankless unit within the utility closet next to the washer & dryer. We now have a lot more closet space. 

We really like the Tankless (combi) system because it delivers a constant flow of hot water when needed for the heating system and domestic hot water. The system also uses an outside sensor (wireless system) to help regulate the temperature setpoint for more energy efficiency (e.g. if it's really hot outside it will lower the temp. setpoint). 

TTC did a great job installing the unit.

Energy savings, efficiencies, and safety

The Lochinvar is a smart system. If you have the heating system engaged and decide to take a hot shower, it will pause the heating system until your shower is complete. There are also two heat-exchange elements in the Lochinvar so it separates your heating system water from your domestic water (e.g. you won't be taking a shower with your stagnant heating system water mixed in as is the case with the current water tank systems in our units). BTW, I noticed only a slight delay of a few more seconds in feeling the hot water as compared to the 50-gallon hot water tank system.

We have a lot less worry about a massive flood as would be the case if a 50-gallon water tank bursts.  There is no water residing in the Lochinvar tankless system for domestic hot water and only about 2.5 gallons for use in the heating system. A breach in the system would result in little water exiting out of the unit. 

I have heard from other unit owners with the Tankless systems saving about 50% on the gas usage for hot water.  It only uses gas (to heat) if there is a demand from the heating system or for domestic (faucets) use.  Our old 50-gallon water tanks were constantly working 24/7 to keep 50 gallons of hot water at a certain temperature setpoint, which was costly.  Also, the tankless unit is less noisy, as our old 50-gallon tank would often wake me up during the night when it fired up.  


I found Total Temperature Control was not the cheapest but also not the most expensive.  The cheaper alternatives will be those small companies, but I worry they don't have the experience and might not be certified on the Tankless unit they are installing.  My research tells me most Tankless problems come from incorrect installations. MassSave will also provide you with a substantial rebate to help offset the cost. 

Overall experience

TTC did a great job installing the unit. It was a good decision we went Tankless. I wish we made the change sooner. We really like our Lochinvar Tankless combi unit. It's extremely well made and has a 10-15 year (maybe more) life span, unlike the 50-gallon tanks which have a 5-year life span. 

In summary

Less worry about massive water damage, more cost savings, and a constant flow of hot water.



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