3 Answers You Must Know Before Turning On Your Heat This Fall

If you have a mini-split system, you know it can be a lifesaver on hot summer days. What many people don’t know is . . . it’s also designed to handle fall temperatures.

Everyone in Massachusetts can tell you, autumn is a time of year when the weather fluctuates rapidly, and some days you need heat in one room and air conditioning in another.

Year after year . . . for more than 25 years . . . our customers and people who know our reputation have turned to us for dependable advice around this time of year on how to control the indoor climate of a home or office efficiently during the sporadic weather. The best advice:

Install a ductless mini-split system
in rooms where climate control
is an issue.

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If you just thought, I already have central heat, keep reading.

Here are 3 of the most common questions we answer when guiding people toward a climate-control solution for fall weather.

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Why not use
the furnace?

A mini-split does such a stellar job cooling things down in the summer, it’s easy to overlook how good it is heating things up when the temperatures drop into chilly territory. You may be tempted to switch on the furnace when the first cold snap arrives. DON’T. A ductless mini-split can do the job better and more efficiently.

Each interior air handling unit has its own thermostat that it uses to control the climate in the room it’s in. This gives you the ability to control the temperature in individual rooms. Many contemporary furnaces enable you to heat different zones in your house to different temperatures.

For example, the upstairs can be set warmer than the downstairs at night. It’s a more energy efficient option than heating the entire house, but no other approach gives you the precise climate control over individual rooms like a ductless mini-split does. It’s the ideal choice for those days when it’s cooler in some rooms than others.

House guests will enjoy the Total Temperature Control minis-s offer.

Room-specific heating also makes mini-splits a great choice for guest rooms and rented rooms. These easy-to-use systems enable your guests to control the climate of the room for optimal comfort, and when the room is unoccupied, you don’t have to pay to heat it.  

Plus, many times exterior compressors can handle more than one interior air handler. This type of versatility lets you start with one room and add on if you like. Many people start with a mini-split in the bedroom because they get cold at night but don’t want to heat the entire house.

Fall is also a bad time for some allergies. Ductless mini-splits can improve the indoor air quality in rooms susceptible to mold and other air-borne pollutants.

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How energy efficient
are ductless mini-splits?

For starters, mini-splits are rated for energy efficiency like other home appliances and equipment, and these ratings vary from unit to unit. When you’re shopping for a new mini-split, look into state and federal rebates and incentives so you can start saving immediately!

Second, because these units are ductless, heat isn’t lost in the walls and ceiling of your house. Outdated central heating systems can lose up to 30% of their energy in the ducts before it ever reaches the room.

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The best mini-splits have timers so you can set your unit to automatically adjust room temperature throughout the day and night. You can even time the heat to turn on as the sun moves from one side of your house to the other.

For all these reasons, in addition to only using the energy you need to heat individual rooms, a ductless mini-split can lead to big savings on your energy bill.

Using less energy also means a smaller carbon footprint on the planet, and that makes saving money feel so much better.

When should I turn on
my central heating?

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Customizing your comfort level room by room becomes less efficient when the temperature drops below freezing because the unit has to work too hard.

The unreasonable stress of overcoming the frigid air in the rest of the house, even with the door closed, not only costs more in energy consumption, but it also increases the chances of damaging the equipment.

With that said, there’s no reason you can’t use your central heating to heat the house, and use a ductless mini-split to heat your addition or finished basement. In fact, a ductless mini-split is exactly what you need to get more use out of your patio or sunroom, remodeled basement, and extra guest room in the attic.

When the outside


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