Are Furnace Tune-Ups Worth The Cost?

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Scheduled maintenance on a gas or oil furnace pays off on an individual and community level. Homeowners and business owners save real money on energy costs, and beyond their doors, the natural planet is less burdened to provide the excess energy.

The factory-trained HVAC technicians at Total Temperature Control have serviced Boston’s North Shore with a “quality matters” philosophy since 1990, and part of improving our customers’ quality of indoor comfort is helping them live a higher quality of life.

Lowering energy use is good for you, the neighborhood, the country, and the planet! By starting in your own home, you can use energy more efficiently with a 7-Step Checklist To Lower Winter Energy Bills.

This article looks at #7 on the checklist: furnace tune-ups.

Did you know regular maintenance by a factory-trained technician can save you up to 5% on heating costs?

For those of us who need to know the tangible benefits of “saving energy,” here’s a list of 3 ways furnace tune-ups are worth it:

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1. Get the most out of your money.

Let’s start with Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). Simply put, the AFUE is a measured percentage of how much fuel an oil or gas furnace converts into heat.

The price of a new ENERGY STAR® furnace typically goes up along with the AFUE. Expect a furnace with a 90% AFUE to cost more than a similar size unit with an 80% AFUE.

For every year a furnace goes without a professional maintenance service, it loses on average 5% of its efficiency, according to most experts. To get the most return on your investment in that high AFUE, it’s important to maintain your furnace’s efficiency through regular maintenance.

2. Year-over-year savings.

Especially in climates with harsh winters, like the Northeast, homeowners can recoup the cost of higher-AFUE furnaces quickly by paying cheaper fuel bills, according to Consumer Reports.

Furnace tune-ups make your home eco-friendly by saving on energy use.

To capture as much energy-efficiency savings as possible, your furnace needs to stay running at its optimal AFUE. Remember: preventative maintenance is key to maintaining your furnace’s optimal AFUE.

Plus, without preventative maintenance, your furnace is more likely to break down, which means repair costs. Then, you’re really paying more money and not getting savings!

3. A healthier planet.

Leaving a gentle footprint on Mother Earth is important to many organizations, and they’re constantly working to make energy-efficient HVAC equipment accessible to everyone.

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