Incentives & Rebates for your HVAC System

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 Get a Mass Save rebate with the purchase of an Energy Star rated ac or heat pump system.

2018 Residential Rebates

When you purchase an air conditioning system or heat pump
that is Energy Star rated, residents may be eligible for a rebate:

Heating Rebates

Fuel Type         System Type                  AFUE          Rebate Amount

Oil            Furnace w/ ECM Blower              86%                       $750

                 Hot Water Boiler                         86%                     $1,700

Propane    Furnace w/ ECM Blower              95%                    $1,000

                  Hot Water Boiler                        90%                    $1,500

                  Hot Water Boiler                         95%                   $2,500

   Condensing Boiler w/On-Demand Hot Water   90%                   $1,200    

   Condensing Boiler w/On-Demand Hot Water    95%                  $2,000    

Water Heater Rebates

    Fuel Type             Water Heater                   Min AFUE        Rebate Amount

       Oil or Propane      Indirect Water Heater                 n/a                $500               

     Propane      On-demand Tankless w/Elect. Ignition   87%               $600            


Air Conditioning Rebates

       Rebate Type                 SEER              EER           HSPF        Rebate Amount

     Central A/C                  ≥16.0           ≥13.0          NA               $250      

  Central Heat Pump            ≥16.0          NA              ≥8.5             $250       

 Central Heat Pump            ≥18.0          NA             ≥9.6              $500     

 Ductless Mini-Split            ≥18.0          NA            ≥10.0             $100*    

 Ductless Mini-Split            ≥20.0          NA            ≥12.0             $300*   

*Per Indoor Unit                                                                                     

Rebates through December 31, 2018

 GasNetworks offers rebates on furnaces, boilers, hot water heaters, ventilators, thermostats and more!
 National Grid rebates can save you money on utility bills!

2018 GasNetworks Gas Rebate Program

gas networks.jpg

 The MA Clean Energy Center is offering residential heat pump rebates for high-efficiency air-source pumps.

2018 Residential Heat Pump Rebates

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center offers rebates for installation
of high-efficiency air-source heat pumps in residential properties.
(Very limited-time offer: ask us for details.)


 Total Temp can help you apply for a Mass Save HEAT loan for up to $25,000.

Massachusetts "HEAT" Loans

The residential HEAT Loan Program provides 0% loans from
participation lenders to assist with qualified
energy-efficient improvements in residential homes.

Loans are available up to $25,000 with terms up to
7 years (depending on the loan type).

(Limited-time offer: ask us for details.)

Carrier® Cool Cash

Instant savings of up to $1650 on Carrier's BEST heating and cooling systems and components, using Carrier's Greenspeed intelligence. Cool Cash offer periods are for a limited time, and not during all parts of the year. Act early and be sure to save!
March 1 - May 31, 2018

 Ask us about Carrier's 12-month Finance program on heating, ac and indoor air quality products.

Carrier's 12-Month Finance Program

On Carrier's heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality
products, take advantage of this great offer:
NO interest for 12 months with regular minimum payments.
After the first 12 months your balance will be subject to interest.

(Limited-time offer: ask us for details.)

 Save money with the Mass Save Early Replacement Heating and Cooling program.

Mass Save Early Replacement Heating & Cooling Rebates

These generous rebates are available for replacing functional heating and cooling equipment that is aging and inefficient.

 Get rebates for early equipment replacement.

Get rebates for early equipment replacement.


Carrier New England AC UPGRaid Program

For qualifying Carrier furnaces with the installation of a new or replacement Carrier A/C.

(Limited-time offer.)


Rebates can be confusing...

Call us for clarification as to which rebates qualify for your home.
Rebate offers and values are subject to change; the information
on this page may become out-of-date. Your Total Temperature Control
representative will have the latest information.