When the power goes out...they turn on.

It's comforting to know you'll always have electricity in the event of a power outage. If you thought generators were too expensive or too noisy, you're thinking of yesterday's systems. Today, emergency standby generators are quiet, safe and affordable.

Whether you're home or away—day or night—when the power goes out, your automatic generator kicks on and delivers consistent, quality electrical current that is safe for your appliances and most sophisticated electronics. It's dependable and affordable peace of mind for parents with young children or with elderly parents.


Our technicians can work around your schedule to visit your home and assess its power needs. Then, choose the appropriate-size model from the best brands in standby generators. Whether you need backup power for hours or weeks, these durable machines never falter and you don't lift a finger—which is one reason they add resale value to every home.

Total Temp can assess your power needs and recommend an appropriate sized generator to power your home during outages.

    Never worry about:

  • Storing gasoline
  • Dragging out a portable generator
  • Smelling toxic exhaust
  • Manually starting an engine
GEnerator installation is a specialty of Total Temperature Control, making sure when the power goes out your generator delivers electrical current that is safe for y our appliances and electronics.

After installation, our service technicians make regular visits to ensure your unit lasts a long time and delivers power when you need it.